Sorry for the slow work lately, guys! I’ve been wanting to get some needle felting done on my own so I’d be able to quote some commissions prices on that, but I haven’t had the time to do any personal projects. Couple of things I want to announce as well concerning several things I have going on in July:

RTX: I will be going to the RTX event in Texas on the 5th for the Game Grumps/Starbomb panel, so I won’t be working on anything on that weekend.

SGC: The weekend right after RTX is SGC and I will be attending that con all three days (11th-13th), so again nothing new will be done during that time.

End of July/early August: Between this time frame, I’ll be spending a week in Florida and I won’t have any work finished until I return. 

 Please note that these are my vacation times and I probably won’t be answering any emails, asks or note inquiries while I’m away. I’ll definitely try to keep up with work consistently despite my busy schedule, but please keep in mind that I have a LOT going on and I do have a life outside of my work. Just be patient with me please.


I apologize for taking longer than usual to complete everything, I’ve been crazy busy with artwork and life in general. I just got some ink done on my foot on the 26th, so I have to stay off of my feet for a week until the swelling and soreness is gone. After it’s healed, I plan to finish the plushies and have them shipped out when I can get to the post office. Thank you three for being so patient with me!

I’ve figured out that I’m not exactly tired of sewing all together, I’ve just grown tired of making things out of obligation. I miss sewing as a hobby or sewing things that I want to make and selling them if I choose to. I also miss making things for myself, which is why I initially began sewing so many years ago. I want to broaden my skills away from just ponies, especially since there are already so many people who make them now.

So that’s what I’m doing; I’ve closed my plush commissions indefinitely, maybe for good who knows? I do love making and selling my work, but I want to do so on my own time and I want to make the things I want instead of taking custom orders. You’ll still be able to buy my work at some point, but not as often and it will be whatever I choose to make and sell. I am sorry to anyone who’s wanted to commission me, but I need to walk away from that for a long while. Thank you to everyone who’s supported me and who will still be around despite not taking commissions.

I think what I’ll do is finish the last plush commissions I have left on my list and turn my focus towards needle felting instead. As much as I love to sew plushies, I need a long hiatus from it. I may still sew something to sell on my own if I feel like it, but I likely won’t be taking commissions again for a good while. MLP for example is already saturated with so many wonderful crafters and I think I would do far better making felties since plushies are overdone. There are not nearly as many people who make and sell needle felted figures, so I seriously think I’d do better with it than I have been just sewing. I’ve been wanting to needle felt for a long while now, but I’ve been so tied up with art commissions and sewing that it eats up all my extra time. Since my art commissions /far/ outweigh the number of plushies I make, I’ll have to put that on hold for some time. If I get good enough, I’ll even start taking commissions for needle felting figures instead of plushies for a while.

I think I’ve figured out why my pony plushies really aren’t as great as I’d like them to be; it’s related to the size of the pattern. A lot of people work with large patterns and it’s far easier to “sculpt” when you’re working with a big plush. It can be very difficult to get everything right on a small pattern. My biggest issue is my embroidery machine; the biggest file size it can stitch out is 3.9 x 3.9 inches, so I can’t make anything as big as the more popular artists can. I may try to enlarge all of my patterns at some point as much as I can and see if that helps me out in terms of getting the shapes just right. 

 Been very tied up with my artwork lately since it generally takes priority over my plush work; I take in a lot more art commissions than plush commissions. I’ve also been busy with life in general, so things have been moving along at a snail’s pace. I have to get my boyfriend to create the embroidery files for me tomorrow, so at the very least I will have embroidery completed this week. I may also have to order more fabric (or buy some locally if I can), but I’m almost certain I have most of the colors I’ll need already. I’ll keep the list updated, so just check with me if you have any questions with my current commissions.

As for future commissions, I do have plans to slow my plush work down a bit. I don’t get nearly as much plush business as I used to and I’ve been far more busy with art commissions. I will likely only take one or two plush commissions at a time after this and I may not be open for work as often; it very much depends on the amount of business at that given time. As always, I’ll continue to posts updates.